Harvesting Scissors with Titanium Curved Tip Blades for Trimming and Pruning [2 pack]

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TITANIUM COATED BLADE is built to last no matter what you are trimming. Bud trimming, Rose bushes, floral arrangements, vegetables, herbs, bonsai trees, or any plant, our scissors will stay sharp and clean keeping you trimming.

COMFORT GRIP HANDLE reduces hand fatigue during use and is ideal for indoor, outdoor, and hydroponic gardeners with arthritis or those with restricted hand strength. Great for long trimming sessions!

BUILT-IN SAFETY LOCK keeps the razor-sharp blades securely closed until you're ready to trim, prune, snip, and deadhead flowers. Makes for easy and safe storage with your flower pots in toolboxes, grow rooms, garden sheds, and greenhouses.

CORROSION-RESISTANT titanium blades will maintain a razor-sharp, clean edge for years of rust-free and consistent cuts. Gardening pleasure in all outdoor gardens, greenhouses, hydroponic gardens, and grow tents.

GENTLE SPRING ACTION will open and close blades smoothly, snip after snip, to deter blisters and reduce strain on your hands and wrists. Finish pruning and manicuring those flower beds in record time without the pain, don't squander your harvest with destructive trimming machines!

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