TipPot - Stetch Fabric and Crate Only

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This is the complete set for a horizontal grow, includes everything you need for a TipPot setup. 

Maximize the harvest in a small space. Grow for closet grows!!
With this growing method you veg a plant until it’s 3-4’ tall and then tilt it on it’s side when you flip it into flowering. The special Stretch Grow Fabric seals around a Blumat making a leak proof seal. Attach each branch to its own wire support with the included Velcro. This also speeds up the veg cycle and works great for making clones from moms.

This Complete Set Includes:
  • One Cubed carton for support
  • One-of-a-Kind stretch fabric

It's highly recommended to get the complete set if planning a horizontal grow as it will maximize your bud count extremely

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