1/2" Quick Connect Coupling - 1/2" Barbed Inser to 1/2" MPT - With Water Stop Technology on Input

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New Professional Grade 1/2" Couplings


These NEW 1/2" coupler/coupling bridges allow you to easily be able to connect and disconnect your water line in various ways. Decide whether the input, output, or neither has the water stop technology when disconnected. When re-connected water flow will continue, but when disconnected will stop.

Easily place in your 1/2" line to give the flexibility of disconnecting the system from the water source.

This particular product is a coupler for 1/2" Male National Pipe Thread for the output with a 1/2" Barbed Insert on the input, perfect for integrating your existing 1/2" NPT tubing into your 1/2" funny pipe (swing pipe) supply line. Also has a valve in the input so when disconnected, the water flow will stop and only continue when re-connected. 

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