BluSoak 3' x 6' Raised Bed Kit - Economy

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This is a basic kit specifically designed for home gardens roughly 3' by 6'. This system utilizes a Blumat carrot to monitor the moisture levels in your garden soil. BluSoak tape allows for even water distribution. When coupled together with a Blumat carrot, this kit only waters your veggies when they need it, which promotes exponential growth and impressive yields.

This Kit Includes:

  • 1 Blumat carrot (5")
  • 1 distribution dripper
  • 22 feet of BluSoak soaker hose
  • 1 soaker hose fitting (to 3mm Blumat barb)
  • 1 end/flush plug

How it works

The Tropf Blumat self-watering system functions automatically. As the soil dries, a vacuum and hydro-static pressure, coupled with a spring-loaded gating mechanism, pulls water from the main line. When your soil is sufficiently moist, pressures equalize, and the Tropf Blumat automatically stops water flow. Essentially, water will seep through your BluSoak hose only when your plants need it, thanks to Blumat technology. For a gravity-fed system, you'll need a reservoir. See 5-gallon Reservoirs below, sold with or without thru-hulls installed. Let us know if we can help you select the right products for your custom irrigation system!

Need a reservoir? Link to product page here.

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