50 Plant Pump System, only 9" carrots

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Same as our 50 plant pump system (IG15705), but with 50 count 9" carrots. Does not include 5" carrots. 

With a pressure system you don't have to elevate a reservoir and can use a larger one. You keep the same pressure at all times and can run up to 500 sensors. This kit includes a Shurflo Revolution pressure pump and accumulator tank, regulator, 50 9" Maxi Blumat carrots, parts, fittings and instructions.

This kit includes:

x1 Shurflo Revolution 115 vac Pressure Pump

x1 Shurflo Accumulator Tank

x50 Blumat 9" carrots

x1 Blumat Pressure Reducer

10 meters of 8 millimeter Blumat tubing

x1 Bulkhead Fitting 3/4" Male Hose to 1/2" Female Pipe Thread

Connectors to Pump, Accumulator, and Pressure Reducer

x1 Blumat Filter

x3 Shut-off Valves

x8 Blumat Tees (Hose Branch)

30 meters of 3 millimeter drip tubing

x50 distribution drippers with caps

x6 Blumat Hose Unions

x1 Teflon Tape Roll

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