Blumat High-Flow Pump System (for 400+ Plant Systems) - Not Mounted

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If you have 400+ plants and need a higher capacity pressure system this pump kit is for you. This pump kit comes with all the necessary equipment and fittings to be able to pump water from a reservoir at a 3Gal Per Minute capacity. Even better, this kit includes a 15psi Pressure Reducer so that you can use it with your Blumat system and achieve a professional grow.  

Includes a bulkhead fitting for your reservoir, flex PVC for ease of installation, and a 4 gallon pressure tank to take some of the strain away from the pump. All the necessary fittings are included, just continue your feed line from a 1/2" barb and install a pressure reducer (also included) before your Blumats. This kit is perfect for a system with a long run from a reservoir to your room(s).

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