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3/4" MHT x 1/2" barded insert

3/4" MHT x 1/2" barded insert. Useful for converting 1/2" poly tubing into a standard male garden ho..

Model: IG16467


BluSoak Drip Tape Coupler

Join two lengths of Blu Carrot Soaker Hose together.Link to Soaker Hose Benefits Video..

Model: IG16092


BluSoak Drip Tape Tee

Join three lengths of Blu Carrot Soaker Hose together...

Model: IG16090


BluSoak Locking Tee- Female Thread

This BluSoak Locking Tee with a Female Thread connects your regular NPT Hose Bibb, easy way to insta..

Model: IG16323


BluSoak Manometer Adjustment Set-up

Manometers (IG16217): Use this manometer at the end of your water supply lines in gravity systems..

Model: IG16217


BluSoak to 8mm Barbed Adapter

Convenient fitting to attach BluSoak to 8mm Supply tubing. Simply lock the tape in by inserting it i..

Model: AG15807


BluSoak Drip Tape Elbow

Join two lengths of Blu Carrot Soaker Hose together at an elbow...

Model: IG16089