Blumat sensors restrict the flow and as long as they are working fine, there's no need for these Flow Controllers. They are an inexpensive "insurance policy" though. Especially in outdoor systems where rodents, dogs, cats, high winds, and curious children can cause run-aways; these controllers can prevent floods by restricting the flow rate to one pint per foot per 24 hours. They will still keep the water going all night and when the soil doesn't need it but they will limit water use until you can reset the carrot.

All products listed are 8mm. We can produce 1/2" on request.

Flow RestrictorsInsert (Circle Ring) OnlyAssembled
25–50' greenIG16326IG16329
50–100' blueIG16327IG16330
100–200' redIG16328IG16331
200–750' silverIG16371IG16374
750–1500' blackIG16372IG16375
1500–2500' goldIG16373IG16376

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