Spring is coming! Start the season off right with a non-electric, water-saving Blumat irrigation system!

Pre-Assembled BluSoak Systems

Pre-Assembled BluSoak Systems

BluSoak systems most commonly install on large farms as each line can go up to 800 feet. They also make watering small beds and even large pots easier, less expensive, and give more even water distribution. Living soil and all systems that cultivate beneficial microbes benefit the most.  

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BluSoak 400 Gallon Fabric Pot Economy Kit

BluSoak economy system for 400 gallon fabric pot of living soil.  This kit is ideally suited to..

Model: IG17314


BluSoak Drip Tape 15' Plant Ring - Ready to Connect to a Blumat Sensor

The BluSoak Drip Tape 15' Plant Ring is a pre-assembled unit ready to be connected to your Blumat se..

Model: IG16284


100’ Small Jacketed BluSoak Drip Tape with Adapters to 3mm

This is slightly smaller version of our regular Mega BluSoak drip tape. Jacketing is now only availa..

Model: IG15757


10’ Blumat/ BluSoak Drip Tape

* 20+ years of life * Curve in rows with sharp angles - no need for tees and elbows * Bury as deeply..

Model: IG15756