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Professional Quick Connects

Professional Quick Connects

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8mm Professional Quick Connect, Stop on Both Sides

Disconnect and reconnect 8mm lines quickly and easily without wasting any water either! The stop on ..

Model: IG16113


Professional Quick-Connect Adapter - 1/2"NPT to 8mm with Stop on Both Sides

This is a professional quick connect. Use these to easily be able to disconnect your water line, whi..

Model: IG15841


Blumat Quick Professional Connect/Disconnect for 3 mm Drip Tubing - No Water Stop

This quick connect/disconnect for the Blumat 3 mm tube makes a fast, easy, and water tight connectio..

Model: IG15522


3mm Quick Connect, Stop on Both Sides

Easy-to-use professional quick connect for your 3mm Blumat line...

Model: IG16170


Professional Quick Connects - 8mm

A more expensive but much easier to use quick connect for professional systems that will need to fre..

Model: IG16060


Blumat Professional Quick Connect/Disconnect for 8 mm Supply Tubing - No Water Stop

A Quick Connect that allows you to easily re-connect or disconnect from 8mm valve. This doesn't use ..

Model: IG15524