These are pre-designed systems for Large Fabric Pot 30 gallons or above. These kits come with all the sensors, BluSoak, and/or drippers needed for each pot, BUT you may need to purchase the water connection, tubing, and/or fittings to get your automated watering system setup properly.

Fabric Pot KitsEconomyMid-RangeIndoor DeluxeOutdoor Deluxe
30 Gal PotIG16459IG16282IG16503IG16337
50-75 Gal PotIG16462IG15946IG16463IG16507
100 Gal PotIG16471IG16470IG15911IG16508
150 Gal PotIG16472IG16473IG16520IG16474
200 Gal PotIG16548IG16549IG16551IG16567
300 Gal PotIG16571 *IG16572 *IG16573 *IG16576 *

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