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Essential tools to help you easily install and prime your Blumat system.

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Blumat Installation Kit

All the parts you don't realize you'll need until you're in the middle of a job 3 hours away from th..

Model: IG15785


Plastic Pipettes

Blumat set-up instructions work fine but getting the tiny air bubbles out of the cap lets you really..

Model: IG15651


Universal Easy Punch

End your hole punching problems! Making the right size hole for the 3 mm transfer barbs that connect..

Model: IG15584


Blumat Planting Tool "Corer"

When making a hole for a Blumat sensor, most garden trowels and tools will make too big of a hole. T..

Model: IG16248


Blumat Planting Tool

* The best tool for "planting" Blumat carrots* Makes it easy to repack soil mixes around Blumat sens..

Model: TL15699