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Blumat adapter Tee - 1/4" x 1/4" x 3 mm middle

Go from 1/4" spaghetti drip tube to a 3mm Blumat line. This can be very useful for watering a row, a..


Blumat End-Piece (8mm to 3mm elbow) with End Cap (Plug)

Use this special end piece to end your 8mm line and enter 3mm tubing. Use the special 3mm cap to cov..


Blumat Adapter - 8mm tubing to 1/2" (inch) pipe thread

Easiy attach Blumat 8 mm tube to irrigation line, PVC, or even a garden hose (with a hose to pipe ad..


Blumat 3mm to 8mm Reducer

These are great for connecting a plant when it's far away from the supply line, too far to make long..


Blumat adapter - 3mm to 1/4"

Break-through!This simple, inexpensive adapter greatly expands the way we can use Tropf Blumat senso..


Blumat Adapter-8mm to male-3/4" hose thread

Blumat Adapter-8mm to male-3/4" hose thread.Use this fitting to connect your hose bib directly to an..


Blumat adapter Tee - 3mm x 3mm to 1/4"

This fitting is really good if you would like to water on both sides of a row of plants, around two ..