The holidays are coming and Blumats make great HOLIDAY gifts for plant lovers!!!



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Blumat 8mm Hose Unions (Coupler), by the "each"

These Blumat 8mm Hose Unions, also known as 8mm couplers) are ideal for re-connecting your 8mm tubin..

Model: IG15638


Blumat adapter Tee - 3mm x 3mm to 1/4"

This fitting is really good if you would like to water on both sides of a row of plants, around two ..

Model: BM15499


Blumat 8mm Hose Unions (3 pack)

Use these to add more line for more plants as your garden grow, or get some just in case you cut int..

Model: IG14612


Blumat 3mm 4-way Cross

Make cross connections in 3mm line. You can use these to send distribution drippers in different dir..

Model: IG15938


Blumat 3mm Y connector

Use these to extend the 3mm Blumat Junior lines and have more than one working from the same water s..

Model: BM15502