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Specialty Carrots and Samples

Specialty Carrots and Samples

Specialty carrots for a variety of applications and samples from our trade shows.

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Electronic Blumat CapMat Controller - Set

*NEW pre-built set of an Electronic Blumat Capillary Mat Controller.This is the first of the Electro..

Model: IG16404


M-Sensor MS 10-50

M-Sensor MS 10-50Switching sensor for all Tensiometers, use these to control the switch on an electr..

Model: IG16394


Steck-Tensio KV02

Length 12cm, insert tension.*Contact us for more details regarding ordering and how to use these...

Model: IG16672


Stick-Tensio Premium LM-IT

length 27cm, with integrated T-piece, thread 6L 14+BL*Contact us for more details regarding ordering..

Model: IG16673


Tropf Blumat Sample Set - For Testing and Fitting into Existing Drip System

Here's an easy, inexpensive way to test out a Blumat system without committing to the expense of a f..

Model: IG15529


Blumat for Bonsai

Bonsai need special attention. Blumats provide that but the regular ones are too long for most Bonsa..

Model: IG15561