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Composting Toilet

Composting Toilet

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Sun-Mar Excel 115 vac

High capacity unit can be used just about anywhere, including residences, cabins or light commercial..

Model: AP101


Sun-Mar Excel NE Non-Electric

First launched in 1981, the Excel NE has long been the standard toilet for those living off the grid..

Model: AP100


Sun-Mar Centrex 2000

The CENTREX 2000 capacity is 4-6 residential or 7-9 vacation. It allows for both a longer composting..

Model: AP8739


Sun-Mar Compost Sure (Blue)

Compost Sure BlueCompost Sure Blue is a bulking material designed specifically for use with Sun-Mar'..

Model: AP17436


Sun-Mar Compost Sure (Green)

COMPOST SURE MICROBE MIXThis 8 gallon (30 Litre) bag consists of coarse peat moss and chopped hemp s..

Model: AP16057


Sun-Mar GTG Composting Toilet

Sleek and elegant, the GTG is Sun-Mar’s smallest and most economical toilet ever!  The GTG toilet ..

Model: AP17187


Sun-Mar Model 510 Plus

Large, deep bowl, 17" seat height.These are too heavy for UPS shipping and have to go by truck so th..

Model: AP16114


Sun-Mar Compost Sure (Green) - box of 5 bags

COMPOST SURE MICROBE MIXMake sure your compost is at its best! This is a box of five 8 gallon (30 Li..

Model: AP8421


Sun-Mar Centrex 1000

SUN MAR CENTREX 1000: Capacity: 5-7 Weekend/Vacation Use Only. In light to medium seasonal use the C..

Model: AP11719


Sun-Mar Centrex 1000 NE

The CENTREX 1000 NE: Capacity 6-6 Weekend/Vacation Use Only. The Centrex 1000 NE was recently re-eng..

Model: AP106


Sun-Mar Microbe Mix

MICROBE MIXThe perfect (as far as we know) comination of dried microbes and enzymes to assure the be..

Model: AP3826


Sun-Mar Mobile

MOBILE is the original composting toilet for Mobile and Marine applications, no muss and no fuss, no..

Model: AP11736


Sun-Mar Centrex 2000 NE

The CENTREX 2000 NE capacity is 3-5 residential or 6-8 weekend/vacation use. It is the non-electric ..

Model: AP11715


Sun-Mar Centrex 3000

The CENTREX 3000 AC/DC has a capacity of 6-8 residential and 9-11 weekend/vacation in AC mode. In DC..

Model: AP11717