Spring is coming! Start the season off right with a non-electric, water-saving Blumat irrigation system!

Perma-Loc 1/2"

1/2" Perma-Loc Fittings

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Perma-Loc 1/2" Elbow

Connect two pieces of 1/2" tubing at a 90° angle...

Model: IG16747


Perma-Loc 1/2" End Cap

1/2" male hose end with cap closure.  For Ending 1/2" irrigation lines...

Model: IG16748


Perma-Loc 1/2" Hose Coupling

Join two pieces of 1/2" tubing...

Model: IG16744


Perma-Loc 1/2" Swivel Adapter

Connect standard hose fittings to drip tubing...

Model: IG16745


Perma-Loc 1/2" Swivel Tee

Female thread adapter works with male hose fittings and splits into two tubing connection barbs...

Model: IG17119


Perma-Loc 1/2" Tee

Connect three pieces of drip tubing in "T" shape...

Model: IG16746


Perma-Loc 1/2" to 8mm

1/2" tubing connector with 8mm barb connector.  Adapts from 1/2" piping/tubing to 8mm superflex..

Model: IG17120