Spring is coming! Start the season off right with a non-electric, water-saving Blumat irrigation system!



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BluSoak Manometer Adjustment Set-up

Manometers (IG16217): Use this manometer at the end of your water supply lines in gravity systems..

Model: IG16217


DekProTek - Easy Air Space!

Easy Air Space!- Raises your pots off the floor- Evaporates condensation- Increases oxygen to the ro..

Model: GH15732


Grower's Bag

A deluxe canvass grower's bag just right for holding and carrying your Blumat equipment. You can eve..

Model: FE15731


Home Decorative Outdoor Fire Place Accessory Super Quiet Fan

m, easy to mount, quiet, and moves an amazing amount of air..

Model: HC15857


Living Soil Meter - MicroBiometer 3 Test Sample Kit

The microBIOMETER® 3 Test Sample Kit includes the following:1 - Reusable Whisker3- Extraction vials ..

Model: GA17003


Living Soil Meter - MicroBiometer Test 10 Refill Kit

Includes the following supplies to analyze 10 soil samples10 extraction vials with reagent component..

Model: GA16624


Living Soil Meter - MicroBiometer Test Kit for Determining Soil Health and Fertility

Living Soil MeterThe Ultimate Tool for Determining Soil Health and FertilityMicrobiometer® allows yo..

Model: GA16583


Ultimate Garden Tape

Repair a leaky garden hose or water line, tie back and stake plants, insulate electrical connections..

Model: IG15811


Blumat Planting Tool "Corer"

When making a hole for a Blumat sensor, most garden trowels and tools will make too big of a hole. T..

Model: IG16248


Blumat Planting Tool

* The best tool for "planting" Blumat carrots* Makes it easy to repack soil mixes around Blumat sens..

Model: TL15699


5 Gallon Harvest Pots

Healthier RootsEasier TransplantingStronger, more prolific plantsEasier storageWhen you use a plasti..

Model: FE16012