Flow Controller Circle Ring - Blue (up to 100' of BluSoak)

SKU: IG16327

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NOTE: This is only the inner ring of one of our flow restrictors. You may install this onto your spigot or supply line.

We also sell fully-assembled 'Blue' flow restrictors (IG16330) that can be easily attached to your system.

Flow restrictors function similarly to a pressure reducer. However, they regulate certain flow rates that should be implemented into your system.

We install flow restrictors in our BluSoak systems in order to restrict the total amount of water that can enter the system at a given time. This acts as a safety mechanism to ensure your system doesn't flood or water too rapidly in case of malfunctions.

This 'Blue' version limits flow for our mega drip tape to 1 gallon/hour and should be installed when using lengths of BluSoak between 50 and 100 feet.