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A revolution in lighting. The Firstlight is a multifunctional light suitable for focused activities such as reading, cooking, weaving, and other outdoor uses such as a flashlight and a night lamp. We helped design this and it is now being manufactured and marketed mainly in India and Africa where it is very popular. We tried selling it in the USA as well but the packaging doesn't work and for other reasons it hasn't done very well here. So... we're putting it on sale for less than the cost of making these in India. It's an incredible value for a very high quality product - much, much better than the Chinese-made versions. This one was made to last in rugged, rural India and they hold up very well even in everyday use there.


- Adjustable Light Settings: High and Low Power.

- Blinking lights indicate full charge.

- Night glow makes it easy to find in the dark.

- Hard ABS plastic body which is shock and water proof.

- Solar panel with more than a five year lifetime.

- Super efficient LED with more than a 3 year lifetime.


- Solar charge time: 6 hours in full sunlight.

- Discharge Time: High power 4 hours; low per 10 hours.

- Battery Lifetime: Minimum 1.5 years with 2-3 hour/day average use.

- Warranty: 1 year.

- Weight: Less than 150 grams.

- Dimensions: 6" L

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