EasySoak for Two 4' x 8' Beds Kit - Full Garden Hose System for Easy Watering

SKU: IG16762


The new EasySoak System for two 4' x 8' Beds

The newest addition to the Blumat Systems and Sustainable Village catalog, similar to BluSoak but without the carrot.

EasySoak features the highest quality Soaker Hose (drip tape), along with a flow restrictor and fittings to connect directly to your garden hose or hose bib (spigot). Simply tap into your water source, lay out the soaker hose onto your two 4' x 8' bed, and your ready to irrigate! The EasySoak system is left on all day and night, timers are optional! The flow restrictor limits the flow of water entering the drip tape, in this system you will get approximately 12.5 gallons per day.

Bury the BluSoak drip tape to extend its lifetime, we have had farms using the same EasySoak drip tape for 25+ years!

This kit includes:

  • 66' of Original BluSoak Drip Tape
  • 1 Green flow restrictor (for 50' to 100' of soaker hose)
  • ~11' of 8mm Black tubing (to go in between garden hose, and each bed)
  • 1 GHT female adapter to 8mm barbed fitting
  • 2 BluSoak to 8mm adapter
  • 2 BluSoak end plug
  • 20 Stakes made ideally for Drip Tape
  • 1 8mm TEE fitting to split the black supply tubing going to each bed
  • 2 8mm Elbows
  • 2 BluSoak Coupler (as a spare piece)