EasySoak Connection to Hose Component set - with Green Flow Controller (50' to 100' of Drip Tape)

SKU: IG16795


EasySoak to Garden Hose Connection, Green

This product is needed for connecting your EasySoak drip tape to your Garden Hose. EasySoak is similar to BluSoak but does not have the carrot.

Our EasySoak Kits include this, so no need to get extra if ordering the kits.

EasySoak features the highest quality Soaker Hose (drip tape), along with a flow restrictor and fittings to connect directly to your garden hose or hose bib (spigot). Simply tap into your water source, lay out the soaker hose, and your ready to irrigate! The EasySoak system is left on all day and night, timers are optional! The flow restrictor limits the flow of water entering the drip tape, in this system you will get approximately 12 gallons of water per day. Want to save water? Either just manually turn off your garden hose or add a timer to turn it off at night. If using under 50' of Soaker Hose, you may want to turn it off manually or add a timer (unless its the height of summer and your plants are really thirsty).

This components kit includes: 

  • 1 GHT female adapter to 8mm barbed fitting
  • 1 Green flow restrictor (for 50' to 100' of soaker hose)
  • 6" of 8mm Black tubing
  • 1 BluSoak to 8mm adapter
  • What You May Need:

  • The actual length of BluSoak (drip tape) needed for your system 
  • Stakes to hold down and curve the soaker hose
  • End flush plug to end the drip tape/soaker hose (product code: IG16065)
  • Additional 8mm tubing if the Garden Hose doesn't reach to the bed
  • Fittings, adapters, etc. (in case the system is separated into multiple beds, rows, etc.)
  • If you have additional questions about designing a custom system, feel free to contact us.