Complete 2' x 4' Aquamat with Blumat and BluSoak Capillary Mat System Kit

SKU: IG17619

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This kit contains everything necessary, aside from a reservoir and water supply, to set up a 2' x 4' aquamat capillary mat system irrigated with blumat/blusoak technology.

Click here to download the instructions.

The surface blumat keeps the capillary mat at a steady level of moisture. This senses the moisture level with the same blumat technology we use for containers, and delivers water/nutrient solution through lengths of blusoak that we integrate into the multi-layered aquamat.
This is truly the most deluxe and comprehensive capillary mat system design that we are aware of.
The kit includes:

  • 1x 2' x 4' Multilayered Aquamat Capillary Mat
  • 8' BluSoak Drip Tape (Replaces the tape used in stock Aquamats)
  • 4x BluSoak x 8mm adapters
  • 4x Blumat 8mm Elbows
  • 6' 3mm Tubing
  • 4' 8mm Superflex Tubing
  • 1x Surface Blumat Sensor
  • 1x 8mm x 3mm x 8mm Reducing Tee

What You Might Need (Not included in kit)


  • Connection to your water source (either thru-hull bulkhead fittings for gravity systems, a pressure reducer, or a Blumat pump for larger systems)
  • 8mm Supply tube to connect your water source to your Blumats
  • Either an 8mm x 8mm elbow or an 8mm shut-off valve to put at the end of your supply line



Some of our complete Aquamat systems require special-ordering, and therefore there is a delay on shipment. If this is a concern or issue, please contact our office at 303.998.1323.