Buildable PVC 5-Way 3/4" PVC Elbow

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  • FURNITURE GRADE - Excellent quality PVC fittings & connector(s) for buildling scrog, structures, or anything else you can imagine!
  • PVC PIPING READY - Available in 1 inch or 3/4 inch, you just need PVC piping to build with these elbow(s)!
  • USER FRIENDLY - No glue or adhesives necessary! Simply cut PVC pipes, and insert - these are no fuss and straight-forward!
  • REVOLUTIONARY - Build anything you can imagine! SCROG, raised beds, trellis, greenhouses, chicken coops & more!
  • NOT FOR WATER - These PVC fittings are for building and construction, not irrigation. So, do not use these with your watering system!

These furniture grade PVC fitting(s) are the perfect solution to your building problems! These connectors can be used to construct variations of frames, including scrog systems, scaffolding, greenhouses, doghouses, chicken coops, raised beds, trellis systems, or anything else you could imagine. To build the frame, just purchase some PVC pipe locally and insert it into these fittings. You don't even need glue, adhesive, or other materials to fit the pipe and fittings snugly.

You can fit these 3 way, 4 way, and 5 way PVC elbow(s) without a square. You really don't need additional tools to utilize these - no flange(s), screen(s), or galvanized materials are necessary.

You are limited by your imagination only - you can build large pvc (or pbc if you have clumsy fingers) structures, small structures, integrate tee or y fittings, cross your pvc pipes, or tackle any other cool projects you can think up.

It is wise and recommended to keep these on hand if you're into off-grid living, homesteading, self-sufficiency, independent living, farming, or construction. These really are the one tool you need to tackle any home construction project at a low cost.