Blumats make great HOLIDAY gifts for plant lovers!!!

Starter Kits

Starter Kits

Designing an irrigation system, no matter how small, can be difficult. This system automatically waters a few plants and is perfect for learning the ins-and-outs of just how our Blumat systems come together. Blumat systems don't use power or electricity, just science.

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Blumat 5-Pack Starter Kit - Automatic Irrigation for up to 5 Plants

Get started using Blumats with our simple, low-cost Starter Kit. If you only have a few plants or yo..

Model: IG15740


Blumat Small Box Kit - Ideal Starter Kit - Automatic Irrigation for Up To 6 Plants

This small kit is designed to water up to six plants or 2.5 square meter gardens. Perfect to test ou..

Model: IG15654


Blumat Small Box Kit - with 5-Gallon Reservoir - Automatic Drip Irrigation System for up to 6 Plants

This kit comes with everything you need to automatically water up to 6 potted plants or 2.5 square m..

Model: IG16054


Tropf Blumat Sample Set - For Testing and Fitting into Existing Drip System

Here's an easy, inexpensive way to test out a Blumat system without committing to the expense of a f..

Model: IG15529


Blumat Small Kit, with 5-Gallon Reservoir and Six Premium 5-gallon Fabric Pots - Automatic Irrigation for Up to 6 Plants

Everything you need except for some soil and six plants—we've even included six of our favorite 5-ga..

Model: IG16055