Garden Bed / Raised Bed Kits

Our Economy Garden Bed kits are perfect for automatically watering your vegetables, flowers, and herb beds. These kits include everything you need to create a happy and healthy garden. Choose from our wide range of special kits to fit your garden's specific needs. Use this chart to find the right kit for your needs, or browse all raised bed and garden kits below.

Raised Bed Garden KitsEconomyMid-RangeIndoor DeluxeOutdoor DeluxeMisc
3' x 6'IG16229IG16261 *
IG16297 *
4' x 4'IG16123IG16522IG16523IG16159
4' x 8'IG16153IG16501IG16050IG16555IG16621
8' x 8'IG16293IG16294

3" x 16" IG16336*
2' x 5' IG16288*
2' x 6' IG16289*
2' x 8' IG16228*
2' x 20' IG16291*
2' x 35' IG16215*
3' x 30' IG16332
4' x 12' IG16133
12' x 12' IG16124

* Products marked with asterisks are not available online. Contact us for pricing details: 303-998-1323 or 888-317-1600, x100 |