Blumat Recycled Plastic Bottle Watering Kit

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Recycle your plastic 1-Liter bottles into automatic watering

Great for hanging plants, orchids, and other houseplants

Easily convert a used plastic bottle to a Blumat supply source. It automatically stops the water when you disconnect the tubing. This makes it easiier to move things around and chnage them without taking an unplanned shower, It works really well for hanging plants - both inside and outside. Just attach the plastic bottle to the hanger and put a Blumat (not included) in the soil. You can cut the bottom off the plastic bottle (you can use these cut off bottoms to make plant holders that keep wooden shelves from getting rings) and fill them from the top. If you prefer to keep the bottle intact, the water will last longer and you don't have to worry about insects getting in it but it's harder to fill. (We also have a less-expensive, $1 version without the auto-stop (IG15512), but with this one you can more easily move the bottle to fill and put back without spilling the water all over. This uses the thread type common on most one liter plastic bottles - not quite the same as 3/4" hose thread. This includes an adapter to connect to the 3' of included Blumat 3 mm tubing, and another adapter to connect to either a Tropf Blumat or a Blumat Junior.

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