Blumat Quick Connect Shut-Off Valve (only Valve)

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Color may vary. Use a quick-connect to turn the water from your supply line either on or off. This is the middle fitting (the actual valve piece) only, purchase separate fittings to attach to this valve piece and customize it how you want.

Conveniently connect different fittings to serve different functions. Use a 3mm to 8mm to connect your main water line to your Blumat carrot line. Fit a 3mm to 3mm quick connect to turn the water going directly into your Blumats either on or off. Adapt a 1/4" drip line to the Blumat 8 mm tubing - quick and easy with this handy connector. Later if you like, you can change either side and go to 3 mm, 1/4, or 8 mm.

These high quality quick connect can be implemented in a number of ways and are recommended for all watering systems to make your life easier.