Blumat Quick Connect Reducer - 3mm to 1/8"

SKU: IG15528


An easy way to connect and disconnect Blumat sensor carrots from a drip system or main line. Just an easy half-turn on and off. We have these in almost any configuration: from 3mm to 3mm, from 3mm to 1/8," from 3mm to 1/4," from 3mm to 8mm. These come as a reducer or from the same size to the same size. We also have these with auto stops so that when you disconnect them, the water flow automatically stops. This is very handy when you want to bring a system inside for the winter, change to a different location, if you harvest a plant(s) and want to stop the water flow, or if you want to change from a low flow to a high flow set up as a plant gets larger.