Blumat Pressure XL Box Kit - Automatic Irrigation for Up To 40 Plants

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Our XL kits are designed to water areas up to 6.5 square meters. This Pressure kit is designed to attach to your garden hose bib/spigot. Blumat systems can adjust to any plant type or desired moisture level. This specific kit is perfect for large home gardens and greenhouses. 40 Blumat sensors will ensure that your crops are properly watered - even when you're not home!

This Kit Includes:

  • 40 - Tropf Blumat carrots (5")
  • 15 meters (roughly 50 feet) of hose
  • 1 - Pressure Reducer
  • 2 - 8mm elbows
  • 2 - 8mm tees
  • 2 - 8mm unions
  • 2 - 8mm x 3mm end pieces
  • 2 - 8mm x 3mm x 8mm tees
  • Instructions for installation

Increase your yields and decrease grow times. Our fully-automatic, self-watering systems save time, water, and nutrients - and still ensure healthier, more potent, and faster-growing crops.

Perfect for landscapers and home gardeners. This kit includes forty, 5" carrots and all the parts required to connect your system to a hose or water spigot.

The Tropf Blumat system is great for watering balcony boxes, planters, hanging baskets, and row crops. It fulfills the needs of the plants on an individual basis, regardless of their location, light levels, or plant type. Our systems save your plants from excessive and improper watering. Tropf Blumat system are ideal for plant groupings that require consistent moisture, such as vegetable gardens, bushes, flower beds, grow bags and greenhouse containers. Not only do your plants receive the right amount of water, slow and consistent dripping ensures that your plants receive warmed water, avoiding shock.

This Deck and Planter Kit is a great way to start your customized irrigation system. The flexible system can be expanded to include up to 500 drippers. See 'Blumat Accessories' to expand your system to your specific needs.

How it works

The Tropf Blumat self-watering system functions automatically. As the soil dries, a vacuum and hydro-static pressure, coupled with a spring-loaded gating mechanism, pulls water from the main line. When the soil is sufficiently moist, pressures equalize, and the Tropf Blumat automatically stops taking in water.

Each Blumat Outdoor Sensor in the Deck and Planter Set covers an area 12 inches in diameter. To expand and customize your own system, add additional Supply Hoses, Outdoor Sensors, and Distributor Drippers.

PLEASE NOTE: This system does not include a water source. If you want to use a reservoir see our 5-gallon Reservoirs, sold with or without thru-hulls installed. Let us know if we can help you select the right products for your custom irrigation system!

Need a reservoir? Link to product page here.

Note: Blumat Classics (Juniors) and bottle adapters are designed for houseplants while Tropf-Blumat Sensors (the one's with the small adjustable brown knob on top) are designed for greenhouses, growrooms, decks, and outside gardens. Blumats Austria says "Please don't use the Tropf-Blumats indoors" because if hooked up to a constant water source and a pet, guest, or user-error somehow causes a run-away, it could damage an indoor floor, drywall, carpet, or furniture. We, and many others, do in fact use these systems inside ourselves, however, we are generally around enough that if a problem did occur, we would be able to notice a problem and fix it in time (not the case if someone is on vacation). We have many guides for being able to set these up the proper way and avoid a run-away or general mistakes. Please contact us for any help, we are always here to help make your life easier.