Blumat-BluSoak Drip Tape Adapter for Small BluSoak

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This is the adapter for connecting Irrigro Drip Tape to a Blumat Sensor, this is for small blusoak!

This creates an easy, fast, and super water-saving way to water. No timers, batteries, or electricity required!

Some of the main features of this tubing include:

* 20+ years of life

* Curve in rows with sharp angles - no need for tees and elbows

* Bury as deeply as you'd like - can't flatten and stop water flow

* Great for gravity systems, only needs 3-5 psi

* Unmatched water uniformity

* UV and heat resistent - lasts 5 years+ in direct sun, 20-40 years if buried

* Okay to leave in ground all winter

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