Blumat Filter - White Bowl, 8mm

SKU: WP15719

Available to order


A relatively inexpensive but still high quality and easy-to-use filter. Includes adapters going to 8 mm Blumat line so to install, just cut the line and push the tubing on to the adapters!

If your water isn't clean or you'd like to use thick nutrients in a reservoir, this filter will keep your Blumats safe. The screen has just the right mesh - not too big that could let clogging particles through or too small that would mean unnecessary cleaning. Clear bases make it easier to tell if they need to be cleaned but best only in dark rooms. White bases better to prevent algae build-up.

For the same price, we can also ship this with fittings for 1/2" drip, 3/8" drip, 1/2" & 3/4" slip PVC. For a little extra, we can provide a fitting for 3/4 hose thread or any combination of the above.