Blumat 6-Port Connector - Connect Up to 6 Sensors w/ One Input

SKU: IG16636


New! This product allows the user to connect up to 6 Blumat Sensors with 1 connector. Perfect for growers who have multiple carrots in one pot or bed. If you have a large pot or bed with multiple sensors, organize them all together, and quickly be able to connect or disconnect them from the water source. Do you move your plants from one room to another? If so, this product will make it easier than ever to be able to quickly disconnect the plant from the water source, bring it over to the other room, and then quickly connect it back to the water source.

This Product Comes With:


  • One 6-Port Connecting Fitting
  • Six 1/4" to 3mm Reducers
  • About One Foot of 1/4" Super Flex 
  • One 1/2" MPT to 8mm Barbed Fitting\
  • Six 1/4" Plugs

Note* This product comes unassembled. The six 1/4" plugs may be pretty hard to remove the first time so we recommend using a pair of Plyers to remove them.


Does not come with extra 3mm or 8mm tubing.

Retail pricing only, no wholesale or professional discount until we can increase volume on these.