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Testing horizontal grow

Posted by ravi 03/13/2019 2 Comment(s) What's up,

First step is to wrap plant is this special stretch grow fabric.


Next step: grow the plants upright until 3-4' tall and spread branches out on the bender trellis.



Blumats go into the side and route the water up.



Then tilt sideways and put on a 12/12 cycle. It will turn every branch into a top!


2 Comment(s)

03/14/2019, 12:15:39 AM

This is a new product that we are still in the testing phase for, as for the exact type of fabric material, its some type of stretchable cloth mesh, not 100% on details yet. We can release more details once testing is more complete and the manufacture actually begins retailing this.

03/14/2019, 12:16:23 AM

this is really cool, what is that fabric called and where can we get it?

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