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Healthy roots make a healthy plant

Healthy roots make a healthy plant! Blumats provide the optimal moisture levels for vigorous root development.

Tomatoes and Cucumbers

One of our customers took this picture of his garden booming. These are tomatoes and cucumbers in his greenhouse supported by blumats. His comment on them was" The great thing is that blumat automatic watering system works perfectly delivering water to plants roughly at 15L/day rate". 

BluSoak in comparison to other drip tapes and tubes?

How does the BluSoak soaker hose compare to T-Tape, Duraflo, and other kinds of drip tape and tube?


Leak detector/Shut off valve - replacement pad

A customer took this picture of his leak detector/shut off valve. This specific product is connected to a Blumat System and is used to detect leaks or flooding and shuts off incoming water supply. 

Costa Rica Greenhouse

Most of the BluSoak in this Costa Rican greenhouse has been in use for more than 25 years. Growing 60 acres of chrysanthemums, they buried the BluSoak deeper than their cultivation and just leave it installed year after year.

Dosatron System

This is a big Dosatron system we designed and supplied for Lester Farms in Washington state.

Short BluSoak Demo - Using Soaker Hose with a Blumat Automated System

A quick 45 second video showing how BluSoak is used, before and after, as well as how to connect it to a Blumat System. 

Brazilian coffee grower

This Brazilian coffee grower quadrupled his harvest because of changing his irrigation system to BluSoak. 

Surface Blumats

These are Surface Blumats in a 4-level clone-growing system at Karing Kind in Boulder, CO

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