Blumat Tips and Tricks

Here are all the tips and tricks related to the Blumat sensors 

Do we need to soak and reset the Blumat sensors every time we disconnect them?

No, but it’s important to not let them dry out. If the soil gets too dry it will suck water out of the Blumat cone. You can prevent this by hand

watering before disconnecting.

In medium pots, is it better to add a second Blumat sensor or distribution drippers?

If you’re only at the point of adding one, it’s better to use two Blumats as insurance. If everything is dependent on just one and

something gets clogged, crimped, or stuck; your plant wont get any water at all. A second sensor acts as an insurance policy.” In larger pots

though, it’s better to add distribution drippers rather than a 3 sensor.

What does “Tropf” mean?

Tropf means drip and is a way of differentiating these from Blumats designed for houseplants. (Blumat is just a made-up name without any

special meaning

Do you adjust Blumats with distribution drippers differently than ones without them?

Make the adjustment without the distribution drippers attached and start with only a one-arrow turn down instead of 1/5-2. We recommend the

first dripper to be 3-4” from the Blumat carrot.

Can you use PVC or another material and convert regular and Maxi Blumat sensors into longer versions?

Yes, you can make them up to about 19”

Do you need to soak the Blumat bottle adapters?

No, since they have a constant pressure, no need to soak.

If Blumat Juniors get air inside, do you need to re-soak them?

No, you can just refill with water.

What is the minimum pressure required for a Tropf Blumat system?

To be safe, we recommend at least 2.9 psi.

Can I use Blumats with tropical and desert plants?

Yes, you can use Blumats with both tropical and desert plants. The best way to adjust for the differences is to extend or decrease the

distance between where the Blumat drips and the sensor. The further away it is, the longer before the water will turn off. So for tropical plants, it's

best to have it further away (4-5") and for desert plants you would want it much closer, maybe only 2-3." You can also adjust by turning

the screw on the top.

Does it matter if the 8mm feed line is above or below the drippers?

No, it doesn’t matter. Pressure is only dependent on the distance between the water level in the reservoir and the point where the water comes

out of the Blumat sensor or dripper

How do Blumats work for plants in hanging baskets?

Putting Blumats in hanging baskets may be one of their best uses. In high-wind, hot environments it’s almost impossible to give plants enough water

with any other method short of watering by hand many times a day. Hanging baskets are also more vulnerable because easier to overlook and forget

watering cycles. And if forgotten, the surface easily crusts over and when you do water, it tends to quickly run off and fall into your face!

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