Tips and Tricks


Some simple things you can do to keep your system running without problem

How Many Plants per Pump System?

The basic maximum water supply with our pump systems is based on the on/off cycle: they should to be off 2x longer than they're on. So if on for 10 seconds, should be off for at least 20 seconds before turning on again. They will still work fine if less than that be it can shorten their life quite a bit.

Digital Blumats

Make sure to only soak the base, not the top with the digital read out! If you do the standard Blumat setting of turning the top down until just one drop clings to the 3mm tubing and then turn the top knop down 2 of the triangle markings, that in general corresponds to a 120 mb reading on this meter. 

Blumats & Nutrients

We have a multi-page list of comments from users of various nutrients with Blumats (in our Downloads section in the Information pull-down menu).

Blumat Maxis

Sizing. We normally don’t recommend using a Maxi unless you have at least a 10 gallon pot or are watering outside a small tree or big bush. 


Most problems people think are from nutrients are actually caused by algae growth. 


Biofilm has been the bane of large greenhouse growing operations for decades.

How Perfect Air Drowns Plants – and What to Do About It

With real-time moisture monitoring and responsive, moment-to-moment water supply, irrigation becomes an opportunity to let plants self-regulate in response to air conditions.

All growers fear the crippling results of under-watering your plants, but can the true killer be over-watering. This article discusses the proper ways to achieving beautiful perfect plants in regards to air, water, and the different irrigation methods to achieve just this. 

Every cannabis grower knows the perils of improper watering. And most can recall a time or two when they damaged the health of one of their girls through an overzealous watering schedule (or simple forgetfulness). But few recognize the epidemic of ongoing, low-level overwatering – both in at-home amateur grows and larger, automated operations.

Understanding Greenhouse Irrigation for Cannabis Cultivation

Posted March 24th, 2017 by Jack Bohannan in the May-June 2017 edition of Professional Marijuana Grower

All growers have done it: damaged a plant with erratic watering practices. But for cannabis cultivators, the compromised health of just one or two prized plants can significantly impact the bottom line. Experienced growers rarely let dehydration occur, and larger greenhouse grows incorporate systems that all but guarantee underwatering doesn’t happen. Yet the painful memories and guilt of underwatering persist in the minds of even the best cultivators and sometimes lead to the less recognizable ­­sin of continual, low-level overwatering.

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