Adjustable Dosatron Blumat Pressure Pump System

SKU: IG17162


Want to use Dosatron products with Blumats? No problem! 

Inspired by our friends out in Oregon at High Wind Farms we built this kit. Blumat systems generally operate at very low flow rates. This is an advantage over other watering systems for many reasons. However, low flow rates prevent the use of dosing systems like a Dosatron because they have minimum flow rate requirements to operate properly. By placing the Dosatron between a high flow pump and a pressure accumulator tank, the issue is solved.

The pressure switch on the pump turns itself on and off as pressure levels in the accumulator tank drop. This creates bursts of high flow through the Dosatron at appropriate flow rate levels. The tank fills with nutrient mix and feeds itself through a pressure reducer into the Blumat system, maintaining constant pressure. Nutrient solution is then available to plants as they need it, 24 hours per day.

This kit uses the Dosatron D8RE2. This is fertilizer injector has a variable uptake range from 0.2%-2%. While more expensive than a standard model it allows for versatility and adaptability in your nutrient program.