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“Best, happiest plants in over 30 years.”

“I have never had so healthy looking plants as I do now.”

“My plants are growing so fast using these things, I can almost watch them grow.”

”Can't imagine doing another run without them!"

“I am blown away that these are not more widely known.”

“I LOVE the blumats, they are the only way I can cram my flowering room so full.”

“Just finished my first run with Blumats, they are F@#$@# amazing.”

“Blumats = more freedom, better watering, better yields and smoke.”

“My plants are 100% more stable than before, and the roots are incredible. Not to mention they are growing faster...can't express how happy I am with them.”

“Bar none, Tropf Blumats are THE best thing to come into my garden in over 15 years....and I have some REALLY good strains...”

“Plants LOVE them! Far superior to "drench and dry" watering.”

“Blumats rock, have stood the test of time for me, and have since been recommended to and used by other local growers with great success.”

“In 35 yrs. of growing, I've grown all ways, it's NEVER been EASIER, or more productive. This is THE WAY for me!”

 “I feel like the blumats give hydro results in soil. To me it's like hydro without the chemical nutes, shity ph testers, res changes, pump failures, etc...., basically just like hydro without all the bad.”

“Blumats are the future in automatic watering systems and if you do not believe me than try them you self and then your shelfs would never be empty of the Blumat devices.”

“I’ve run these about 4 years now, have a look in my gallery for results.”

"Canna Coco, Blumats, Smart Pots, and GH nutes will amaze you.”

“, the blumats workFLAWLESSLY! i love them!”

“the plants are kickin' chicken...almost out of my control.”

“I swear, these things are just so awesome and I think people who don't use them are really missing out.”

“Isn't it exciting to see roots right up top like that? Blumats are amazing.”

“My plants in Coco have a Mound of Roots that stick up a couple inches! Pretty sweet! You will love your Blumats, they kick ass compared to handwatering!”

” I have grown with Blumats some years by now. I keep wondering, why so few grow with them...they gives me freedom, a peace at mind while being away.”

“Switched from DWC, and like Coco and Blumats better.”

“you will become a believer in free time again lol. ive left for a week or more at a time thinking i would come home to a disaster only to find the happiest looking plants ive ever seen. they work. “

"I use 100% coco and have no problems what-so-ever."

"This last grow I have only checked them~4 times. Really. They are vertical with tomato cages. I check couple days after set up, couple days after that to see how any adjustments are working out, 2 more times since then, just for some basic gardening-positioning. Looking to pull 'em down in about 14 days. I'll check one time before that, in a day or so.Three gallon pots, all organic, no minimal till, add the organic nutes once and forget about it. Best ,happiest plants in over 30yrs.! Strains; DG-LUI13 and Res Double Strawberry Diesel."

“These are awesome. Compleatly adjustable. ALMOST foolproof.
Have used them for two seasons outdoor and two grows indoor with great results!”

"I just love the blumats because you don’t have to hook up a bunch of pipes and whatnot or have timers and pumps running all the time. They’re gravity fed and pretty hands off. I just drain the rez every monday and check ph and ppm everyday just to see how their eating/drinking. Sometimes i do miss the closeness i feel to my ladies when hand watering. but these will really give you a sense of freedom. "

"I use blumats in coco and love them. Blumats are the bees knees. I don't think I'll ever go back to handwater again."

“Just finished my first run with Blumats, they are F@#$@# amazing. All in all they have probably saved my crew and I 100 hours of labor in the past 2 months. They may be pricey but definitely worth every penney.” 

"I strongly recommend using Blumats, especially with living soil. They have dramatically reduced the amount of work I need to do, so much so that most of the time I spend with my plants is just admiring them and watching them grow, and I feel that my results have been significantly better than back when I was hand-watering."

"This turned out to be good to use in a scrog, which with two rows of plants in a micro-grow environment, is welcomed. It's hard to get a watering can, etc back there, but the Blumats keep things nice."

'Slave' Distribution Drippers
"I use one carrot and three drippers and love it. Very even moisture."

“Has anybody else using Blumats noticed their plants responding better to the slow, even watering? I notice far happier plants with Blumats than hand watered. Better roots,too!”

“Overall though like i said before worth any penny. Someone let me know if Blumat goes public cause i definitely want to get my hands on some of that stock.”
"I'm running it with 100% coco right now and the plants are so happy. (I am too) I can go and spend time enjoying my plants rather then mixing solutions up every day."
“Plants love the even moisture and they can get as much to drink as they need anytime. hooray for Blumats!"
"i've had zero problems since switching to the new res. finished out my babies without ever touching the blumats again!"

“i'm convinced that with the head pressure controlled either by using the pressure reducer like sunnyd is trying, or rigging a consistent level remote res like i've done, the blumats workFLAWLESSLY! i love them!”

" if your worried about the entire pot not getting wet enough you can always turn the drip rate up. thats one of the great things about blumats. you can adjust the drip rate for whatever suits your situation. i also run drip clean but still like to have that pump in there to agitate everything. how big is your rez viking? i have a 40gal, but only running 10 at the moment. mine drains in about a week so every monday ill dump it and mix up new nutes. what nutes are you running in yours? i have h&g coco a/b, drip clean, roots excel, top booster, bud xl, shooting powder."

“These are awesome. Compleatly adjustable.ALMOST foolproof. Have used them for two seasons outdoor and two grows indoor with great results!“

“i have 12 hooked up and they are working very well! i am impressed! getting 6 more tomorrow!”

“once you get to grips with the little tips and tricks there a great tool......i tend to service the cones at least once threw a grow about 25 days in bloom”

“The blumats are a dream come true man. Personally I've tended gardens of up to 80 some plants in less than 5 minutes. Fill up the rez and mix your nutes, the blumats will handle the rest… Everyone I know has loved them, and the general consensus is that they definitely cut the workload down a ton.“

“This is a pretty cool system and easy as hell to setup. So I left for 8 days and these things worked awesome. I used a 5 gallon pot and filled it up with water and a very light amount of nutes. Came back 8 days later and the 5 gallon container had about a gallon of water in it. Like I stated in an earlier post, this is the third system I have bought in regards to self watering and this is by far the best.

“seeing as how this is quite simple and i would like to follow the rules of KISS (keep it simple stupid) these would be perfect without the need for an extra timer or pump to auto water less things to go wrong in my book.”

“lights came on soooooooo.......they are already reaching for the sky! looking good. and as you can see even though this is my fifth of sixth blumat run i still make some dummy mistakes. i broke a couple rules while setting these up so i figure i will let you know what i did and how to avoid it lol.”

“I used a Blumat kit last year to great effect when I had no access to my grow for a week. (family staying over!). Took about a week to get them dialled in, after that the system worked fine for the remaining six weeks of flowering.”

“I have been running these for 3 grow by now. Very happy costumer, indeed. .. I can highly recommend using the small satelite outlets as you only need one blumat and then use 4 or 5 outlets around the stem for perfect distribution of water. Also, I use the blumat maxi for all pots over 10 liters, or 2½ gal…I find them fantastic as you can have one blumat water big square container like 100x40x40. When I handwatered, I never had the 30 minutes or more to do a perfect watering of my plants. They were usually more or less flooded, with a lot of the medium not really watered and other parts waterlocked. With blumat I can keep them on the almost mimimum thereby suppling the roots maximum oxygen. Also avoiding dry zones with dead roots because of the slow dripping.”

“Most people tend to forget that perfect or even good handwatering ain’t a walk in the park for most people. That actually a major reason for a lot of loss of quality and quantity.”

“I take care of 50+ plants with less than 5 minutes a day. However long it takes to fill my rez up with 10 gallons of water.”

“(Blumat) actually does a better job than handwater coco because it only waters when necessary. And the beauty of it is you can set how wet you want your medium to stay. I could not even begin to think of a reason why this would not perform as good as or better than handwatering.”

“The only results I've seen have been fantastic by those who actually use them…The drip system is waaay cheaper, but not as accurate since it does not sense when the plants need more water. As the plants get further into flower they start to really suck up water…That means you could go on vacation and your rez would stay filled. I've got to find a way to do this for my mother plants as well. My old set up was good for two weeks and I did go on several vacations with no problems. “

“I think this will probably save my whole garden, and several strains that would otherwise be lost due to being away from the plants for a single day.”

“Oh this will be such a relief for you I promise. I handle 24 1,5l bottles max in my micro flowering and vegging areas, without blumats absolutely impossible / way too much work. I put blumats to my plants shortly after germination and they stay there the whole lifecycle.”

“well, gonna hit a few spots today - hopefully SOMEONE has them in stock, gonna try to get a kit of 12 if possible. God i cant wait, i need to take a vacation (literally).”

” I havegrown with Blumats some years by now. I keep wondering, why so few grow with them. OK they are not really cheap, but they are actuallly worth the money. Here is a little example of how they work in my grow world. I think they are KISS...they gives me freedom, a peace at mind while being away
I like them because:

* When set, they give exactly the amount of water you want it to, when the plant wants it. 

*They give a much better watering than what I have patience to do. Not wasting more water than what you want them to.

*Gives me the freedom to go away on holidays, not worrying about something mechanical breaking down. Rez size is the limit in theory.

*They are flexible, for smaller pots and even better with big bucket grows 100 liter medium and even more. Even outdoor

*Pretty flexible when moving plants or adding them to a system.

"I use Blumats in my garden and my plants seem to thrive with the constant and consistent watering they get."

In short, something many of you maybe would find helpful...other not...but feel free to ask away if it got your interest. I did this because I am a satisfied costumer and think other growers might be too. I am not on any paylist,”

"blumats + organic living soil is the perfect marriage!"

“My plants are simply the healthiest, best growth, easy to manage grow I have EVER done. Simply a dream.” 1/15/11

"Nothing close to the Tropf Blumat devices which are flawless once you get each emitter adjusted correctly (no big deal)."

“I've been using them a few months now, my plants are definitely the happiest they have ever been - I've hand watered til now.”

“LOL,ou wanna come hand water my 160 pots 4 times every day? I want them each hefted for weight to determine if they need more water or not first please. 

Sorry, I have much MUCH better things to do with my time than spending hours a day hand watering. The Blumats ensure no plant is under- or over-watered, something even people have trouble with. I'd also like to be able to leave my garden for more than a day or two without worry. Can you?”

“Blumat's gave me my life back.”

“I agree, gives you your life back. I could theoretically leave my garden for weeks and they will always be watered. I'd have other problems I'm sure, but watering would not be one of them.”

“I will NEVER hand water my plants again. I can't do it as well as the blumats do it...and SOO much easier.”

“I have been giving this a bit of thought, I think one reason B/M plants grow better is by keeping the media uniformly moist, the dry zone at the top of the pot and the wet zone at the bottom are minimized.”

"Once you have these dialed in, you can go on vacation for a week...come back with perfect plants that grew a shit ton!"

"I had a mother I vegged for a couple of months in a 1 Gal Smart Pot. The Roots grew so much, it look like I over filled my pots. They made the Coco and Smart Pot swell, and I would have to adjust the length of the dripper hose to avoid Mountains of roots!"

"Canna Coco, Blumats, Smart Pots, and GH nutes will amaze you. I can pretty much promise you that if you use that combo, you will out yield your Soil grow by far."

"I'm currently using the Air Pots in soil with Blumats and it is working out great."

"they work fine in 6" pots, I've even tried them in 4" pots and they worked fine."

"Still using my blumats. I've now got my res split, so I'm auto-watering both my veg and flower tents with a single res. Can't imagine doing another run without them!"

"it is a great product... I had been hand watering in coco every freaking day. The plants looked great but it was a lot of work. I knew from hand watering and my own anal record keeping that every plant was different in how much water it sucked up each day so a basic drip system might give me some convenience when I have to leave my plants for a few days but it couldn't be relied on to regularly feed my plants. The Tropf Blumat solves that problem and is a perfect complement to a medium like coco that you can constantly feed. Now I just have to refill the reservoir every few days and I can have some free time back."

“I ran blumats in 2 gal bags with great results.”

“I can already see the benefits with keeping the coco at a constant moisture level. The wet/dry aspect was good, but this much better. My plants are 100% more stable than before, and the roots are incredible. Not to mention they are growing faster. I do notice they slow down or speed up slightly on occasion, but not far at all either way. Mine are finally dialed in and things are going so nicely...can't express how happy I am with them.”

“I love not having to water. I think this will end up being one of my most appreciated purchases.”

“there was no way to 'avoid' an upcoming 2 week vacation…when I got back, I was surprised to find that my plants looked better/healthier than they ever did when I was in there messing with them every day.”

“I hand watered my plants for over 15 years. Sometimes as many as 80 - 100 a night. These wonderful drippers have saved me SO much time, time that is very well spent keeping my grow clean and focusing on other aspects of the grow. I've gone from working 2 - 3 backbreaking hours moving plants around and watering and mixing nutes, to about 5 minutes a day, topping off the rez. Not only that, and a lot of people don't believe me, but from what I've personally observed, our plants actually PREFER to be watered with blumats as opposed to by hand. My own side by side comparison on exactly the same plants showed me so. The plants are happy EVERY single time I see them, and I don't have to do a damn thing. Bar none, Tropf Blumats are THE best thing to come into my garden in over 15 years. (A lot of my friends think I'm a sales rep for blumat. I'm not, I swear, these things are just so awesome and I think people who don't use them are really missing out.)”

“In the hand watering world, I always had green algae growing on top of my coco, specifically on the peaks of the perlite in the coco. Nothing too alarming, but there was always a little green on the top layer. Now switch to blumats: not one speck of visibleeven with res temps sitting ~80*.This drip system is really something else, entirely underestimated.

“I can envision having a hundred blumats in a small scale farm setting. 5000 gal res (spring fed) watering everything I can put in the ground, not only cannabis. I'm very excited, the possibilities, can't stop thinking about it.”

“Just pulled 7.25 #(Rez DSD & DG LUI-13) with 2x 1800w flip, organic soil, + blumats.............I think a new best effort for me!”

“I'm looking at the best crop of my life right now, almost 4 weeks in. First run with the blumats. They are amazing. I will never go back to hand-watering my plants in flower, veg I think is fine.”

"Shit works better than great, it's perfect watering… It's the greatest thing in the world, no more guessing when to water, each plant is individually perfectly watered." 

“I agree with you though it works better than great. I've always had happy healthy looking plants but I've never seen such vigorous growth.”

“I'm starting to understand more about how plants interact with the soil. I'm starting to think more about hydraulics and hydraulic pressure. Wet soil and dry soil have different hydraulic pressures, the blumats change state based on the pressure they feel in the soil. Maintaining that perfect hydraulic pressure is more critical than I think most people realize. It's not talked about much, if at all. Dial-in your blumats and you'll see what I mean.”

“Hand watering cannot begin to compare to the STEADY, EVEN moisture provided by B/Ms. Worse yet are the folks who will insist letting the soil dry out before watering! This is certainly why soil gets a bad rep vs. hydro. Hydro, FWIW, provides even, continuous moisture levels. It's a HUGE PITA, though, res changes, etc. Growing has never been easier than with organic soil and B/Ms.”

“Got a gro bro using 300 of them in coco, and says it's the closest he's come to full on hydro without all the headaches . I did  alot of research before I bought mine, and have no doubt I'll be using them for a long time to come.”

“Remembering your question about this, just saw a message on ICMag from an "ICMag Mentor" and "Senior Member" who has been commenting on Blumats since 2009:

"I`ve got an OCD GrowBro on the left coast that built a "Pico style" manifold outta CPVC with tophat grommets in drilled holes with the 3/32" barbs and blumat tubing runnin to the cones in a big ass warehouse setup with megawattage and coco plants gone wild with the elevated rez setup I talked about earlier that`s absolutely killin it with the finicky elite "kushes" to the tune of well over 2 1/2 lbs per light....and...

Blumats ftw.....once dialed in and hoonin......Set em and ferget em....Plants all but grow themselves....."

​“I’ve mostly only had to foiler, and amend my container mix for the past few days (adding carbs and thick organics, FPEs, etc) outside of adjusting a few, the blumats performance has been stellar!!!! Im stoked! My daily work load has already been shaved abit and I feel it! I have them happy @ 90-100 mbar in a primary coco blend. Awesome. Thanks a million.” – Jeremy
“Thx Steve loving life with this system. I don't know what your guys stance is on the mmj scene but I'd be happy to lend picture of things grown on your system it helps you with anything. This system is custom tailored for where our industry is going. Which is controlled organics all tested for cleanliness. If u ur into that industry anyways. There's a lot of disabled patients who would benefit. Your system lends itself to that large scale very easily and I haven't worked so little in years man.I cannot thank you enough. Not only does it help the garden but it helps with family too as I have more time to spend with them now and less I have to be working.” Corey ­2/21/2014
“I've used blumats, airpots, and coco (Botanicare Readygro Aeration Mix) for the last several years and it's the best combination that I've found. No contest.”

“Thank you for the great customer service. I'll definitely be picking up some more gear from you guys. I'm loving these Blumats!” – Michael Mcham 3/01/2015

“I easy get gram per watt sometimes more im never hand watering again.” 11/14

“We are on round 2 and I would say the yield is approx. the same as hand watering without the human.”  - Tyler, Medicine Man dispensary, Denver ­3/3/2015

“I'm loving the slave drippers. I have 4 per container in my 600w tents and they have worked FLAWLESSY this run. I don't know why I didn't go Blumats sooner. Anyone that is a slave to hand watering can and will get their freedom back going with Blumats. At the same time getting the healthiest growth with minimal maintenance. Win win in my book.”

Another awesome feat I've seen with these are TONS of roots growing on TOP of the soil in my tents. I've never had root growth like this when hand watering... Then again, I never had the time to water properly. More so a flood it quickly to get done kind of guy back then. Never again, I'm working at changing my entire greenhouse over to Blumats now. Free up SO much time during the growing season.” Chris 3/10/15

I love Blumats – I get extremely good results. My plants are 7’ tall by 6’ wide and amazing, really, really good results.” – Austin ­­11/02/15

“I’ve had stellar results with Blumats – besides saving so much time, I’ve gotten over a 20% higher yield and fantastic quality. I’m using 3.5 gallon air pots and Botanicare and really happy.” John ­1/04/2016
Steve – I’m so very appreciative of your understanding and patience, and the fact that you’ll be sending the extra parts needed to use our Blumats the way we want! Especially as customer service like yours is quite hard to get these days. Sincerely, Anna ­5/25/16

We’re using a fraction of the amount of water we did before switching over to Blumats, only 13 gallons per day! I have a big space full of fruit trees, bushes and other plants. It’s amazing. We’re going to switch over more and more of our watering systems. Buck ­5/27/16

I’ve been growing for 8 years and this is by far the best crop I’ve ever had, I’ve never seen plants growing like this – flourishing with way less nutrient and no yellow, nothing but green. Very heart-warming! Marvin 5/31/16

“Thank you for the fast shipping. I love these damn blumats, was going to order 2k at one point but lost my financial backing on the project soo here’s to hoping I can order many more sooner or later.” — Joshuah, ­ 6/04/16

“I love you! This Blumat system is just awesome. I’ve been watching it closely and it’s incredible. I would have paid $20 each for these and been overjoyed. They’re unbelievable and I’m telling all my friends.” — Dave, AK, 7/5/16

“These helped tremendously — not only do the plants look better but I can even leave for a few days. These are the best tomatoes I’ve ever had and I’ve never seen basil like this! Blumats are a brilliant, low-tech solution – I’m telling all my friends!” — Paul ­9/14/16

“much more robust growth since I’ve installed an individual carrot for each plant, wish I could have afforded these sooner!” ­— Blake 10/19/16

“I went from 150 gal res to a 55 gal one and used 50 gallons ever 4-5 days. Nutrient savings was through the roof I cut most nutes in half and some as much as a 1/3. This is based on 104 carrots In rock wool.It was deceiving because the cubes always felt light but the plants always looked happy so I let it go. I ran 4200watts of light and I believe I have 10-12#'s.” — Erik ­­10/26/2016

“I’ve been using your system  myself for 4 years now and have set up at least 15 systems for other people including one with 400 plants. This product is awesome and I’m a huge fan! We got lazy with one room once and went back to hand watering. Everything else except the carrots was the same but the grams per watt in this room were more than 20% less. - Ric 11/17/16

“Blumat irrigation systems insure a consistently hydrated soil. I would not set up a living soil garden without them.” — Earth Lab Solutions 12/6/16

“thanks for all the time you've spent over the years helping me understand how this system works and how to scale it. It's truly been a very constructive tool to have in my repertoire. The knowledge I've gained not to mention time and labor saved since getting my first system all those years ago has been invaluable. I cannot begin to thank you enough. But I'll try. “ – Corey 4/10/17

“I was gone for a week, came home, and stopped by the grow expecting the worst (didn’t have a babysitter) but everything looks awesome… the Blumat system worked great” — Greybush Farms 4/28/17

“Yes I got it and can't believe it is really working!  Now I can go on to my two (2) weeks vacation without worries.  Thank you so much.  It is a big help.” –Amazon User about Blumat Juniors 5/2/17

“Just as I need for my plants I think I love <3 this blumat” – Instagram user Thehawgsbreathcompany 5/2/17

“They are great. I had two from many years ago, and I was thrilled to find them still available. Thank you for supplying a great product with great service. BTW...the packaging was great, too! I forgot to mention that on Amazon... sorry.” –Suzy about Blumat Juniors 5/4/17

“You guys are golden.” – Brad 5/17

“ I can say with all sincerity, that switching to the Blumat / Super soil system changed my life, and cut the massive chain running from my ankle to my grow room for 7 years!” — Eric Harrington, ­5/10/17

“Thanks so much for the fast reply. That explains my issues! You will continue to be my place for all things Blumat. I appreciate the great customer service!” — Emberson 5/17/17

“A lot of my buddies on a private forum have also started adding blumats to their grow rooms as they’ve seen the incredible success I’ve had.” — Jordan 5/18/17

“I’ve had my blumat system for 7 years… I like quality + longevity.” — Oregonjah 5/22/17

“I love the blumats. In my opionion, they should be in every no-till gardener’s garden. I recommend them to everyboy I talk to! You guys keep up the good work!” — YourDreamNeighbor  5/25/17

“Just ordered five. Thank you for your help! You guys are awesome!!! And so is your product.”
Robert on Amazon 6/15/17

“#Blumat rootmound. I am convinced Blumats are the best irrigation system out there. #norunoff #waterondemend #3poundsperlight”
@highwindsfarm (Instagram)

“Baby worms, Blumats, and fresh castings. The cover crop and plants are thriving. Huge shoutout to Steve and Carl for helping me dial in the Blumats. Awesome customer service. Hit up @blumatwateringsystems for all your Blumat needs!”
@pleasuredomeorganics (Instagram)

“Love my Blumat drippers! Game changers.”
@joshuasteensland (Instagram)

“#blumats not only keep proper hydration of the plant it allows me to keep my day job helping growers with plant health and IPM. #worksmarter #blumat”

“And still loving the Blumats but they’re in my outdoor garden now..so damn convenient!”
@superdang_ (Instagram)