RootSoak Drip Tape - 1000 Feet

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This amazing drip tape can be used to irrigate on top of the soil or subsurface!

Above Ground Irrigation and/or as a Direct Replacement for Blusoak:

RootSoak (aka Blusoak 2.0) can be used as a direct replacement for our original Blusoak when installed on top of the soil. RootSoak uses the same fittings and attachments as our original Blusoak.

Subsurface Irrigation:

You can also use this amazing product for subsurface irrigation!

When buried 3-18 inches below the surface the RootSoak Drip Tape requires no electronics, sensors, or controllers.  This breakthrough plant-responsive technology allows each plant to manage its own water delivery. 

Plants release root exudates in response to their changing environment.

All plants release a broad range of natural chemical signals into the rhizosphere (root zone). One of the most important functions of these root exudates, is the uptake of water and nutrients.

The water delivery system uses organic chemistry to allow each and every plant to self-regulate its own water and nutrient delivery. A microporous tube responds directly to root signals, releasing a slow delivery of water and nutrients out of billions of “smart micropores”. This delivery of water flow matches the roots absorption capacity. Once the plant has reached a level of sufficient watering, it stops producing root exudates, which stops the RootSoak Drip Tape to release any further water.

Roots release natural exudates that travel towards the RootSoak Tubing = RootSoak Drip Tape responds to the exudates and releases water nutrients on demand.

This method of smart watering results in healthier, faster growing, and higher yield harvests due to its water efficiency by delivering water only when the plant requires it.

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