Irrometer Standard (SR) Model Vacuum Gauge

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The IRROMETER was first developed in 1951 to help growers improve irrigation efficiency. It provides the user with accurate information on soil moisture status regardless of soil type. The instrument measures in centibars (cb) or kilopascals (kPa) of soil water tension. This value represents the energy a plant's root system uses to draw water from the soil. Understanding soil moisture activity helps the user make informed irrigation scheduling decisions resulting in improved yield and quality while reducing water, fertilizer, labor and energy costs.


DIAL SIZE: 2.5 in. (63 mm)

CASE: AISI 304 Stainless steel membrane vented case with IP 67 protection degree

WINDOW: Polycarbonate with EPDM gasket seal, DIAL: Scale of 0-100 cb (kPa), white with contrasting green markings.

ACCURACY: +3-2-3% of span ASME B40.1 Grade B

MECHANISM: Bronze Bourdon Tube with brass and stainless steel internals

CONNECTION: Standard 1/4 in. NPT- Brass Bottom Mount OPERATING TEMPERATURE: -40° to 150° F (-40° to 65° C), 32° to 150° F (0° to 65° C ) for water service