Irrometer Coring Tool Kit

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Assemble the coring tip onto the extension sections and the handle by screwing pieces together. Use as many extensions as necessary to make the tool the appropriate depth to position the sensor. Push the coring tool into the soil at the desired sensor location no more than one foot (30 cm) at a time to get to the desired depth. After each insertion of the tool, pull it back out and remove the soil core that has accumulated in the tip.

Never rotate the tool counter-clockwise while it is inserted in the ground as the pieces can become unscrewed.

Often it can be easier to push on the handle with your waist or knee to improve leverage. Footjacks and "backsaver" handles are available as options that can make installation easier. Once the hole has been made to the desired depth, the sensor can be inserted.

Be sure the sensor is firmly seated in the bottom of the hole and backfilled making sure the fill soil is compacted similarly to the surrounding area, as a false reading could be obtained if surface water wicks down through uncompacted soil.

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