Irrometer 12" Soil Solution Access Tube (SSAT)

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SSAT (Soil Solution Access Tubes), or Suction Lysimeters, were developed to easily extract soil water samples for testing. They provide the user with an accurate method of determining salinity or plant nutrient levels. Because the sample is collected at root zone depth, it reflects the true impact fertilization has on the plant material. Understanding soil water conditions helps the user make informed fertigation scheduling decisions resulting in improved yield and reduced fertilizer, water, labor and energy costs.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Standard ceramic tip (white) for most soil types
  • Optional Double Suction line for longer tubes
  • Collects soil water sample at the root zone

Crop consultants, irrigation professionals and researchers find the SSAT particularly useful because of its ability to easily gather soil water samples for testing. Commercial growers see the value of soil water sampling at the root zone because it reflects the net "effect" that fertilization has as it interacts with previously applied nutrients in the soil. Scientists also use this equipment when identifying and researching environmental contaminants and their movement in soil.

Click here for Irrometer's instruction manual.