GrowStream Subsurface Irrigation Tape - 500 feet

SKU: IG18329


GrowStream™ Subsurface Irrigation Tape is a plant-responsive subsurface irrigation system that dynamically delivers water and nutrients based upon individual plant demand. This tube is a microporous material that retains water until flow is triggered by plant root exudates. The tubing has no emitters, but releases water along its entire surface through millions of micropores.

The tubing diameter is 0.625 in. (5/8 in.) (16 millimeters) I.D.

Responsive Pressure Range: 1.0-4.0 psi (69-276 mbar)

Recommended Operating Pressure: 1.0-3.0 psi (69-207 mbar)

Maximum Operating Pressure: 6.0 psi (414 mbar)

Flow Rate: 0-0.054 gpm (0.204 l/m) per linear foot

Minimum install depth: 3” (7.6 cm)

GrowStream™ is compatible with virtually all soil types and growing mediums. Soil must be free of debris and sharp objects like rocks and thorns. Sand can be added to the trenches below and around tubing to prevent damage.

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