Capillary Pot Kit - 4' x 4'

SKU: IG18350


Bottomless pots and capillary mats make an ideal partnership. This kit is excellent for growers who want to minimize labor while growing high-quality starts.

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Because the water comes from the bottom, roots spread out and grow down instead of only out. The tiny holes in the capillary mat's top layer prevents the roots from growing into it but keeps them ready for a new home. To transplant outside or into a bigger pot or bed, just pick up and put the pot on top of your soil or planting mix - no need to dig a hole and cut into the soil’s microbe networks. After the roots have sufficiently decomposed, you can easily lift away your sleeve for re-use.

This kit contains 20 1 Gallon Grassroots Sleeves, and one complete 4'x4' capillary mat system.

What You Might Need (Not included in kit):

  • Connection to your water source (either thru-hull bulkhead fittings for gravity systems, a pressure reducer, or a Blumat pump for larger systems)
  • 8mm Supply tube to connect your water source to your Surface Blumats
  • Either an 8mm x 8mm elbow or an 8mm shut-off valve to put at the end of your supply line