Blumat Proffesional Small Inlet Filter Strainer - 8mm w/ Water Flow Stop Technology

SKU: WP16480


New Blumat Proffesional Mini-Strainer for Filtering In-Line

This is a small strainer that goes directly in 8mm Blumat supply line! The professional version features an industrial standard quick connect with water flow stop technology, meaning once disconnected, the water flow will stop. This is great for removing the filter from inline, while stopping the water from leaving the system, allowing you to clean and replace the filter. Includes a clear bowl to make it easier to know if sediment fills up the container. Easy twist-on/twist-off clear filter bowls allows you to easily clean out the filter and re-use. Also includes quick connect fittings that gives you the ability to easily take out of line and clean.

Also available for 1/4" spaghetti tube and with quick connect/stops that give you the option to stop water flow after removing.

SHURflo 255-213 Twist-on Strainer Specifications:

  • Inlet: 1/2" MPT or 1/4" FPT
  • Outlet: 1/2" MPT or 1/4" FPT
  • 50 mesh stainless steel screen
  • Transparent filter bowl
  • Keeps debris out of pump or water supply line