Backyard Irrigation Starter Kit

SKU: IG19021


We designed this watering kit for backyard gardeners without much time, without a green thumb, and without a lot of extra dollars to spend. Much more simple and easy to install than a typical drip system, it can still provide much more consistent and reliable irrigation. Another unique advantage over normal drip systems is that this one doesn’t require pressure - instead, it siphons. This makes it ideal for rainwater collection systems as well as for watering plants or trees far removed from water lines.

This base kit is adaptable and expandable in many different ways. It includes a bulkhead fitting you can use to attach to almost any water container. You can order a 5-gallon one from us and also add on a rain collection screen. You can add more of either the small or large Classics, a filter screen, a water level indicator, or more supply line. You could also add a pressure reducer and float valve to make this into an automatic instead of a manually filled system.

Almost all drip kits for backyard gardening require timers, water pressure, and pressure reducers. You have to guess how much water the plants need; and, as the season progresses, the plants get bigger and the temperature gets warmer, your guesses mismatch more and more. The plants cycle between drowning and drying out too much.

This kit solves those problems. The ollas-inspired cones provide more water when the soil dries, less when it has lots of water. With a much lower learning curve, it automatically waters your plants without needing electricity, a timer, or even water pressure. Less expensive and easier to install, much less can go wrong.

This starter kit includes a bulkhead fitting that will connect with the water reservoir of your choice. All that's needed is a 1/2" (12mm) borehole.
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