Aquamat 4x4 Multilayer Capillary Mat System

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Multilayered. Self contained design. Best to use with mixes at least 50% peat.

Can use with fabric pots, beds, or plastic pots with holes in the bottom larger than 1/8".

Must be used on a level surface.

Take extra precautions when laying mats directly on the ground--it should be clear of debris and gravel. Ideally, the ground should be covered by compacted sand or geotextile.

Does not include Blumat Irrigation Sytem

Potential Benefits (Compared to Hand-Watering)

  • Save 92% on labor

  • Save 70% on water consumption

  • Increase growth by 12.5%

  • Reduce fertilizer use by 80%


  • Water Capacity: 2.1Gal/Sq Yard (9.5L/Sq Meter)

  • Mat flow rate: 0.007 Gal/min/Sq Ft (0.3L/min/Sq Meter)

  • Integrated with BluSoak Drip Tape

Things to Keep in Mind:
  • Start capillary action by combining overhead and sub irrigation (for about 7 days, continue overhead watering)

  • Ensure soil or growing medium is moist

  • Slope must be less than 0.5%. If slope is greater, split water injections into more frequent but shorter intervals

  • Use with pressure reducers and/or gravity-feed

  • Continue until roots have developed or the capillary link has been established

  • Water consumption should be 50-80% lower than with overhead systems--runoff occurs when mats are filled for 25 minutes or more.

  • Reduce fertilization rates by 50% due to lack of run-off

  • Disinfect, sweep, and rinse after each crop

  • Repair tears on cover

  • Store below 105F (40C) and protect against UV rays

  • For short-term storage, clean the mats, roll them, and cover with a tarp