Run-Aways—how to avoid

“Run-Aways” are Blumats that don’t turn off. Almost every time this happens, it’s because of air. Blumats don’t like air – either inside or outside or in the supply line.

A Sustainable Planet: Doing Your Part in Preventing Water Pollution

Take These Steps Today to Prevent Water Pollution

Each year, 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean. This is a shocking statistic, but it is the result of a failure of people around the world to make simple changes to their habits. There are big steps you can take such as going plastic free, but it can take time to drastically shift your lifestyle.

Click here to read about how you can keep your water clean and free from harmful substances.

Going on Vacation? Use These 4 Sustainable Methods to Care for Your Lawn and Garden

In 2017, it was estimated that 35% of Americans took a family vacation. Whether a big trip or a small weekend getaway is in your plans, some household tasks still require attention while away. 

BluSoak in comparison to other drip tapes and tubes?

How does the BluSoak soaker hose compare to T-Tape, Duraflo, and other kinds of drip tape and tube?


Leak detector/Shut off valve - replacement pad

A customer took this picture of his leak detector/shut off valve. This specific product is connected to a Blumat System and is used to detect leaks or flooding and shuts off incoming water supply. 

Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

Listen in to KIS Organics Podcast interviewing Steve Troy - the North American distributor of Blumats. Goes into the history to how Blumats in the U.S began, how they work and the advantages these systems bring to your garden and plants. 



Blumat Capillary Mat Systems

If you are simply looking to get your seedlings started, or even just looking for a more controlled watering method,  the Blumat Capillary Mat System may be able to help. More than just water efficiency, these systems can save large costs in labor, fertilizer and pesticide use, as well as shorten production time. Along with their simple set-up, any level of experience grower can easily take a few steps to get this system up and running.

New Product 6-port IG16636

This is a new product that could save some of you both money
and time. Instead of needing a quick connect for each carrot, with 
this you can disconnect up to 6 with just one and save the time for doing
so many. (Includes caps so you can have between 1 and 6 attached.)

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