4' x 8' Living Soil Bed + Steensland Blumat Kit

SKU: IG17205


4' x 8' Grassroots Living Soil Fabric Raised Bed + Steensland Blumat Kit

4 x 8 x 1.5 Living Soil Raised Bed:

Living Soil Raised Beds are the ideal way to maximize soil volume for your surface area. If you don't see a size that will work for you, submit a custom order request and well take care of you!

Our raised beds come with PVC fittings. All you'll need to do is get 1" PVC to complete the setup.

These beds generally will hold up 3-5 years in an outdoor setting, or 5-8 years in an indoor setting.
Dimensions: 46"W x 94"L x 1.5'H
(Size is slightly smaller to allow the bed to fit inside a 4' x 8' tray.)
Estimated gallons of soil: 300 gallons

4' x 8' raised bed kit includes:

  • Fabric for raised bed
  • Four 3-way fittings
  • Two 4-way fittings
  • Assembling your 4' x 8' raised bed kit -- Please refer to video below for more information on setting up your raised bed.

    Not included - you will need to purchase 1" PVC pipe lengths separately.

    4' x 8' Steensland Blumat Kit:

    This kit provides an easy, fast, and water-saving way to water a 4' x 8' raised bed or garden bed. No timers, batteries, or electricity required! A Deluxe kit features more redundancy and will allow you to maximize the amount of potting mix being watered. This particular kit is ideal for outside where more moisture is needed and is especially great for living soil grows where you want the surface to consistently be watered. You can use this kit indoors but make sure you adjust it accordingly or you may risk over-watering the bed.

    This system utilizes a Blumat carrot (sensor) to automatically water and monitor the moisture levels in your garden soil. Distribution Drippers allows for more distribution of water throughout the garden bed. Water source needs to be 2' above the garden for a gravity system. For a pressure system running off a faucet or garden hose, simply add a Blumat Pressure Reducer.

    This Kit includes:

    • 40 Feet Blumat 3 mm Drip Tube
    • 32 Distribution Drippers
    • 8 Distribution Dripper End pieces
    • 40 Universal Stakes
    • 8 Tropf Blumat Sensors
    • 25 Feet Super-Flex 8 mm Silicone Tubing
    • 2x 8mm tees
    • 2  Air-Purge / Shut Off Valve
    • 4' x 8' Grassroots Moisture-Lock Bed
    • 4x 3-way 1" PVC elbows
    • 2x 4-way 1" PVC elbows
    • Want more information? Link to Grassroots Raised Bed Guide here